Coming in March: Prayer Initiative

Prayer: We know how important it is to us personally and as a congregation. Its importance comes into focus in a special way during Lent, the weeks leading up to Easter. We also find our prayerfulness stirred as we ready ourselves for the coming of a new pastor and the beginning of a new era in the life of the church.

In keeping with this season of spiritual preparation, the Deacons of Third Baptist are sponsoring a special prayer initiative during the month of March. Everyone youth and older is invited to participate. Everyone who signs up will be matched with two others into a group of three, and each team of three will come up with four times to get together for prayer during the month. Resource materials for the prayer times will be provided. There will be an orientation session for all participants during Sunday School on Sunday, March 8 in the Fellowship Hall.

Sign up now for this unique opportunity for relationship building and prayer. We’re hoping for 100% participation! Click here to sign up!

Dr. Greg. Hunt, interim pastor, introduces Third's prayer initiative for March.