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Audio files from recent sermons can be downloaded here.

November 8 - "Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant," Dr. Tommy Simons

November 1- Your Story as Subject for Art," Dr. Tommy Simons

October 25 - "When Love Comes to Town," Dr. Tommy Simons

October 18 - "Life on the Jericho Road," Dr. Tommy Simons

October 11 - "Time and Treasure," Dr. Tommy Simons

October 4 - "Jonah, Anger & the Blues," Dr. Tommy Simons

September 27 - "Building Bridges: Learning from Matthew's Call," Dr. Tommy Simons

September 20 - "Building Bridges: All You Can Do is Laugh," Dr. Tommy Simons

September 13 - "Building Bridges: Faithfulness Amid Chaos," Dr. Tommy Simons

September 6 - "Building Bridges: A Dinner Invitation," Dr. Tommy Simons

August 30 - "Building Bridges: Architects of Hope," Dr. Tommy Simons

August 23 - "Building Bridges: Isolation or Connection?," Dr. Tommy Simons

August 16 - "On the Way Home," Dr. Tommy Simons

August 9 - "Supporting the Home Team," Rev. Maria Stinnett

August 2 - "It Ain't Over Till It's Over," Dr. Greg Hunt

July 26 - "Choose Life!," Dr. Greg Hunt

July 19 - "Sever to Save," Rev. Travis Adams

July 12 - "Every Church Needs an Anchor, Every Church Needs a Sail," Dr. Greg Hunt

July 5 - "Is God an American?," Dr. Greg Hunt

June 21 - "Courage to Change the Things We Can," Dr. Greg Hunt

June 14 - "Signs of Abundance," Rev. Maria Stinnett

June 7 - "Serenity, Courage, Wisdom," Dr. Greg Hunt

May 31 - "The Gospel of the Dirt and the Grime," Rev. Travis Adams

May 17 - "Are There Limits to Love?", Dr. Greg Hunt

May 10 - "A Promise We Can Count On", Dr. Greg Hunt

May 3 - "The Joy Solution", Dr. Greg Hunt

April 26 - "Faith for the Tough Times", Dr. Greg Hunt

April 19 - "The Simplification of Life", Dr. Greg Hunt

April 12 - "Hope for Restless Strivers," Dr. Greg Hunt (Please note: This is a recording of the entire service. Advance to 28:14 to hear the sermon.)

March 29 - "The Greatest Story Never Told," Dr. Greg Hunt

March 22 - "Where Am I?", Dr. Greg Hunt