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At Third Baptist, we worship with heart, soul and mind in Sunday morning services and Wednesday night prayer meetings. During Sunday morning Bible study, we worship by studying the scriptures to reach a deeper understanding of our faith.

And during the week, we worship God by serving our brothers and sisters in the church and in the community. At Third Baptist, worshiping God is a way of life!

Style of Worship

What about Third's style of worship

Third Baptist is committed to traditional forms of worship. We like to call it "high church with contemporary modifications."

On Sundays you'll sing the hymns you thought were long forgotten. You'll hear a wonderfully trained and talented Chancel Choir, accompanied by a grand piano and one of the grandest pipe organs in the Midwest.

Sunday Morning Schedule

Coffee Fellowship - 9:00 AM
Bible Study - 9:30 AM
Worship - 10:40 AM