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About Baptists

Baptists are loosely organized into associations, usually reflecting denominational ties. Denominations are formed for many reasons, most often because of nuanced views of church priorities and/or biblical interpretation. Third Baptist, one of the nation's historic churches, has for 150 years avoided strict denominationalism; instead, we remain friendly to all, so long as our conscience will allow.

Third is affiliated in dual alignment with American Baptist Churches USA (ABC) and the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). We are proud to support the excellent work of the Baptist World Alliance (BWA), and note that one of its distinguished presidents of many years ago was the pastor of Third Baptist Church. More recently, Third began a relationship with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF).

At the heart of being a Baptist are certain distinct beliefs. We at Third continue to rely on those distinctives, as we have for 150 years. We invite you to examine Baptist principles:

  • Autonomy of the Local Church
  • Soul Competency of the Individual Believer
  • Biblical Authority
  • Two Ordinances (Baptism and Communion)
  • Separation of Church and State